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The Executive Council of the KIU issues a statement on the anniversary of the announcement of the union

The Executive Council of the KIU issues a statement on the anniversary of the announcement of the union

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issued on Tuesday a statement on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the declaration of the KIU.

The council said in its statement, "30 years ago, on February 6, 1994, a group of those keen on Islam, and loyal to the identity and just cause of the people, announced the Kurdistan Islamic Union under the slogan (Freedom, Brotherhood, Justice)."

Stressed that "the declaration of the Union at that time added a number of new concepts to the political and partisan arena, such as (respecting human dignity, preserving freedom, freedom of expression, ensuring justice, ending injustice, moderation in thought and practice, coexistence and cooperation, respect for the law, social, political and economic reform, political and civil struggle away from weapons, the participation of sisters in political and organizational work, and interest in the role of students), and many others.”

Added, "Over the past 30 years, the KIU has continuously tried to implement these concepts through action and practice, and even transferred these concepts to friendly forces in the political arena in the Kurdistan region."

Stressed that "the Kurdistan Islamic Union has been making sacrifices for the sake of these concepts for 30 years, and for that, it has sacrificed much and offered victims and martyrs, and with God's help it will continue its strategic and national duty."

Pointed out that "the Kurdistan Islamic Union is considered an influential, loyal and respected political, social and intellectual body in the political arena in the Kurdistan region and Iraq, and it enjoys political credibility and the largest humanitarian capital."

Regarding the political situation, the Executive Council stated that “the Kurdistan Islamic Union celebrates this anniversary while the Kurdistan region is, unfortunately, suffering from a difficult stage politically and economically, the parliament is dysfunctional, and the government has expired, and this puts into question the legitimacy of the authority, and despite this, there is no specific date for holding the elections”.

Explained that "mismanagement, the accumulation of problems, and indifference to finding solutions have resulted in the emergence of several crises, political stagnation, shaky security, social anxiety, administrative problems, poor services, and pessimism. In addition, citizens suffer from poor living conditions and economic deterioration due to increased fees and taxes, and non-payment of salaries for three months of the previous year, which precipitated the boycott of teachers and employees that has been continuing for more than four months in Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, Garmian, Raparin, and Koysanjaq without receiving a response to their demands.”

Added, "The situation in Iraq, the region, and the world is suffering from a crisis and has reached dangerous stages. For more than four months, the Zionist entity, in full view of the world, continues to annihilate the people of Gaza and the Palestinians, disregarding international laws and humanitarian values, while the people of Gaza provide the brightest model of patience and solidarity, and with God's help, it will be... Victory is theirs.”

Stressed that "the Kurdistan region is being subjected, under false pretexts, to bombardment with drones and missiles, and is facing a real danger and has become an arena for resolving regional and international disputes," stressing, "We in the Kurdistan Islamic Union are monitoring these events with great concern, and we hope that the officials and decision-makers in the Kurdistan region will deal seriously and with a spirit of responsibility with these sensitive situations."

The statement addressed its final word to the members and supporters, saying, “On this occasion, we extend our thanks and gratitude to each and every one of you, and we value your efforts during the past 30 years, and we call upon the Creator, the Almighty, to accept from all of us, to include them in our good deeds, and to enter our brothers and sisters into Paradise".

The Executive Council concluded its statement, “In conclusion, we renew our pledge to continue the struggle in serving the message of Islam, the people, and the nation.”