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KNK delegation visits Kurdistan Islamic Union

KNK delegation visits Kurdistan Islamic Union

Dr. Hadi Ali, Chairman of the Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, and in the presence of Dr. Salahuddin Babakr, Executive Council member, and Dr. Mohammed Hawdiani, Official of Relation Bureau, Abdulaziz Harki member of the relation bureau, received a delegation of KNK consisting of Zainab Murad Co-Chairperson Jorgen Klut, Member of the European Parliament, Ogmundor Johnson former Icelandic Justice Minister and KNK member Fuad Zindani.

In this meeting, the two sides discussed the latest developments in the region and exchanged views on this issue.

The Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) stressed the need for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue and also considered it necessary to follow the path of dialogue to eliminate any problems and conflicts and not to resort to violence in any way and we have rejected.

For his part, the guest delegation was very pleased with the vision of the KIU to resolve the Kurdish issue.

Both sides emphasized continuing their relations in the interest of the Kurdish people and promoting peaceful views that are in the interest of the Kurds and the peoples of the region.