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The Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issues a statement

The Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issues a statement

The Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issued a final statement following its regular meeting on Saturday.

The council said in its statement that "the meeting initially discussed the political situation in the Kurdistan region and the region and the role of the Kurdistan Islamic Union in this sensitive stage."

He added, "The attendees touched on the concerns and challenges facing the Kurdistan region, stressing that regional and international powers and parties must not use the land of Iraq and the Kurdistan region as an arena for settling scores and ending military interventions against the Kurdistan region."

Regarding the war in Gaza and the Palestinian issue, “the Council affirmed the principled position of the Kurdistan Islamic Union and the right of self-defense for the Palestinian people and the liberation of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, directing their greetings to the International Court of Justice, which called for an end to the genocide.”

The Council called for "holding the Kurdistan parliamentary elections as soon as possible and working on this seriously by the responsible parties, and ending the state of constitutional vacuum," stressing that "the Kurdistan Islamic Union will continue its efforts to bring together the opposition parties within the common national framework and participate in the upcoming elections."

The meeting also discussed "the issue of the boycott of teachers and employees, stressing the Kurdistan Islamic Union's support for the demands of all teachers and employees, calling on the government and officials not to take unhealthy measures to resolve this issue, and for the caretaker government to end the policy of starvation and indifference towards salary recipients and the people's livelihood."

At the conclusion of the session, the Leadership Council discussed “the 30th anniversary of the declaration of the Kurdistan Islamic Union as a political and civil force in Kurdistan, as it was able during these years to provide Islamic centrist work and sacrifices in advance in order to achieve social justice.”

The statement extended its "thanks and gratitude to all cadres and members of the party's institutions, calling on them to continue the diligent work and constant struggle to serve the people and the nation, preserve Islamic identity, and confront the plans and conspiracies being hatched against our people."