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Kurdistan Islamic Union prepared a project for the Kurdistan parliamentary elections

Kurdistan Islamic Union prepared a project for the Kurdistan parliamentary elections

The Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) has prepared a project for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Kurdiu obtained a copy of this project from a reliable source.

The following is the text of the project:

The National Framework for the Dissenting Voices Front

Introduction :

After more than 30 years, the Kurdistan Region is going through a sensitive and difficult period. It has become clear that it has not succeeded in governing the Kurdistan Region in a fair manner, it suffers from corruption, lack of transparency, and many political, economic, administrative, and social problems security ....etc.

It has not even been able to provide basic services such as water, electricity, fuel, salaries, and decent livelihoods for citizens, In terms of public freedoms, freedom of the press, democracy, the exchange of power, and the holding of elections on their time, there has been a significant setback.

Despite all this, the government continues to be indifferent and neglectful in solving the problems and crises and lacks a real will to reform, even refusing to hold elections on time and as always resorted to extending the term of parliament.

All this requires us as the forces, parties, organizations, personalities, and voices of the dissenting in Kurdistan to organize ourselves in terms of historical and national responsibility in (the National Framework for the Dissenting Voices Front) for the next parliamentary elections with the aim of radical change and to obtain the necessary number of votes to form the next cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government and strengthen the constitutional and political position of the region and protect the national security and identity religious and moral of our people and the establishment of just authority.

We ask the Kurdish people, especially all those who are dissatisfied with the current situation in the region and all the loyalists of our people, to support us in order to achieve a new stage of power in the Kurdistan Region.

Definition: (The National Framework for the Dissenting Voices Front)

It is a comprehensive national project to organize the forces, parties, organizations and all the voices of the Kurdistan Region and participate in the next elections of the Kurdistan Parliament with a joint project.

Reasons for the need for this project:

This project is a current need of the Kurdistan Region for the following reasons:

1- The failure of the government to manage the Kurdistan Region fairly in the past thirty years.

2- Citizens' despair of the government's reforms.

3- Restoring confidence and hope for the citizens and their participation in the election process and changes and providing a decent life.

4- Feeling of national and historical responsibility in this delicate and decisive stage of our people and undertaking the project of reform and radical change.

5- Establishing a new stage in political, economic, social, and administrative life and the management of power in a fair and democratic manner.

Mechanism of implementation of the project:

1. Agreeing on the agenda of (The National Framework for the Dissenting Voices Front) and (a national political pact) between the forces, parties, and personalities that will consolidate all the principles of the new stage, such as commitment to (the principles of justice and democracy, radical reform). Comprehensive, public freedoms, freedom of the press, national unity, peaceful transfer of power, independence of the courts, respect for the institutions of power, etc.

2. Working to hold elections under international supervision and civil society organizations to be transparent and fair.

3. Each party should have its own list of candidates so that voters can freely choose their favorite candidate.

4- The National Framework for the Dissenting Voices Front will continue in the next Kurdistan Parliament within the framework of a single bloc or under the name of the (Federation of Coalition Blocs).

5. Establishment of a joint media center to supervise the election campaign according to a joint program.

6. All lists will participate in the elections independently within the National Framework of the Dissenting Voices Front.