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Kurdistan Islamic Union issues a statement on the 34th anniversary of the "Anfal" operations

Kurdistan Islamic Union issues a statement on the 34th anniversary of the "Anfal" operations

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issued a statement on the 34th anniversary of the genocide against the Kurdish people at the hands of the former Iraqi regime, falsely called "Anfal".

Below is the text of the statement:

Today marks the 34th anniversary of the so-called "Anfal" genocide. It is a national tragedy tainted with tears and pain forever, and the painful scenes of 182,000 people buried alive in mass graves will remain; shaking our national memory.

The defunct Baath regime carried out very brutal operations during several stages, implementing a policy of extermination of the Kurds, as it destroyed life, the environment, homes, mosques, farms, and orchards in five thousand villages.

34 years later; The reality of the situation for the Anfal people; He asks - with a mouth full of sighs and heartbreak - the Kurdish authority: Despite thousands of victims and material damage, what did you do to erase the bitter effects of that tragedy?

It is regrettable that, after 30 years of rule, the authority was not up to the hoped-for level of sacrifices and compensation to the families of the victims; Required and adequate compensation. At a time when these areas are currently considered sources of energy, after the discovery of oil and natural gas wells in them, which generate millions of dollars, but the residents of the Anfal people suffer from deprivation, and the life and environment in their villages did not witness any reconstruction campaigns, and not only that; Rather, its people have become part of the poor class in Kurdistan, suffering from hardship, and many of them live on aid provided by benefactors and relief organizations.

This year, a drought year for two years in a row, grips the Garmian region, adding, in addition to other accumulated crises (the salary crisis, the absence of services, the lack of job opportunities, the lack of jobs, and the high prices ), additional burdens the lives of its inhabitants are shaken.

The Kurdistan Islamic Union demands those who hold power in the Kurdistan Region to pay attention to the demands and needs of these beloved parents, as it is not possible to deprive them of all these good things, as they are from the downtrodden classes in society.

So must the federal government; Work to include thousands of innocent people and their families in the national strategy for legal and administrative compensation, and allocate a financial budget from public revenues to rehabilitate the life and living environment of the people of those areas.

Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union

12 Ramadan 1443 ---13 April 2022