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Kurdistan Islamic Union submits 4 demands on the anniversary of the Halabja tragedy

Kurdistan Islamic Union submits 4 demands on the anniversary of the Halabja tragedy

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issued an official statement on the tragic anniversary of the city of Halabja.

"We also remember this year the painful memory, the deep wound, and the loss of the lives of more than 5,000 innocent citizens," the council said in its statement.

ِAdded, "We continue to commemorate this painful memory with the continuation of major crises, which were produced by the unfair ruling, while it does not have any signs of resolving the crises."

Pointed out that "the governorate of Halabja, in addition to its great suffering as a result of the tragedy, which should have been the most beneficiary of the compensation, but it obtained the lion's share of injustice and neglect by the regional and federal governments."

Indicated that "the boycott of the martyrs' families for this national occasion is an open protest message to the authorities in the Kurdistan region, who have taken Halabja as a victim of their political and administrative conflicts."

Stressed that "the Kurdistan Islamic Union demands to stop marginalizing the wounds of Halabja and its victims:

1- Implementation of the planned projects without delay and which were suspended by the Kurdistan Regional Government without reason.

2- The Iraqi parliament should assume its historical responsibility and take the required steps to turn Halabja into a governorate.

3- The federal government must issue decisions to allocate strategic services to the infrastructure, administrative, and construction industry in the governorate.

4- Full compensation for the families of the martyrs and listening to the demands of the chemical weapons wounded.

The statement continued, "The Kurdistan Islamic Union, through its deputies in the Kurdistan Parliament and the Iraqi Parliament, has been defending the rights of Halabja."