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The Executive Council of the KIU issues a statement on the anniversary of the 1991 uprising

The Executive Council of the KIU issues a statement on the anniversary of the 1991 uprising

On Saturday, the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issued a statement on the anniversary of the start of the uprising of the people of Kurdistan.

The council said in its statement that "the main goal of the uprising is a dignified life for all members of the people of Kurdistan, as well as to build a free and stable homeland," adding, "But unfortunately, despite the passage of decades, the authorities in the Kurdistan region were unable to meet what the people were waiting for due to their unlimited sacrifices in the uprising".

He pointed out that "after the Iraqi legislative elections, and at a time when we were waiting for the wounds to be healed, the mistakes of the past to be corrected in the way the people were represented in Baghdad and the unification of the position, what was happening was contrary to the required steps."

The council stressed that "the internal conditions in the Kurdistan region are getting worse due to the political competition that has inflamed after the elections, and that these conditions burden the citizens and increase the depth of their despair."

Stated, "As we commemorate the uprising, where the generations that followed it held many hopes for it, but thousands of them despair pushed them towards emigration, so we must know that the entry of despair into the hearts of the youth group has serious repercussions on society."

Explained, "The Kurdistan Islamic Union, in addition to our congratulations to ourselves and the people of Kurdistan on this great occasion, we stress the need for the demands of the uprising to be among the priorities of the government, parliament and other institutions in the region, as well as all parties and political authorities."