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Secretary-General of KIU's statement on the anniversary of the million migration

Secretary-General of KIU's statement on the anniversary of the million migration

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahuddin Muhammad Bahaauddin, issued on Sunday a statement on the anniversary of the migration of the people of Kurdistan in 1991.

Secretary-General said in his message addressed to the masses of the Kurdistan region, "The million migration has become a turning point in the history of our people's struggle, as the whole world witnessed what happened to this miserable people."

He added, "The fruit of this struggle resulted in the formation of a safe region for our people and the holding of the first elections in 1992 on a federal basis, and accordingly the parliament and government were established."

He stressed that "unfortunately, the buried grudges and fighting between brothers and the unjust and tyrannical mentality did not allow these achievements to develop, opening the doors to external interference, and renewed fighting under multiple pretexts."

The Secretary-General noted that "after 33 years, all legitimate institutions face the risk of being abolished. The livelihood and conditions of citizens are at their worst, conditions are getting worse from bad to worse in the region, and relations between the parties are unstable."

He stated that "the authorities are confronting all these problems with indifference, taking into account only their personal and partisan interests, indifferent to the imminent dangers."

He stressed that "the electoral entitlement faces the risk of obstruction. On the other hand, they are working to distribute charges, expand the circle of enemies and lurkers, break the hearts of friends and lovers, and complicate problems and crises."

He explained that "the people who have in their repertoire the uprising, the millions of immigrants, human and natural wealth, and a bright and honorable history, will not lose hope, and can overcome this difficult stage despite the obstacles and difficulties that exist in the way of reform."

He concluded his message by saying: “The future belongs to this people, and the Lord of the Worlds is sufficient for us, who is able to create hope from the womb of suffering.”