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Secretary-General of the KIU met with journalists and media workers

Secretary-General of the KIU met with journalists and media workers

Salahuddin Mohammed Bahauddin, Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), met with a number of journalists and media workers on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the party's declaration.

The meeting was held online, in which the Secretary-General of the KIU congratulated the journalists and all members and supporters of the KIU, in a speech he highlighted the 30-year history of the KIU, and said: that during its 30 years of existence, the KIU has always tried to preserve its religious and moral identity, protect Kurdishness from the pains of chauvinism, in the past 30 years, it has always pursued a moderate path, coexistence and social peace with other communities have always been the brightest feature of the KIU.

Regarding the situation in Kurdistan and the welfare of the people of the region, the Secretary-General said: We have not been in the government since the eighth cabinet and when we tried to reform and were not allowed, we withdrew from the government. KIU has never been part of these problems, for the past 30 years, we have been proud to be far from all evil and to be partners in all good and peace.

The secretary-general of the KIU expressed his concern about the indifference of the authorities in the Kurdistan Region towards the demonstrations and civil struggles of teachers and employees, and the poor livelihood of the salaried workers, he said: we have always been present and tried to speak good words, but it has not been useful because of the indifference of the authorities, in this regard, he reaffirmed his full support for the civil struggle of teachers and their legitimate rights.

Regarding the visits and meetings of the high-level delegation of the KIU to Baghdad, Tehran, Turkey, and Qatar, the Secretary-General said:

We have always emphasized the legitimate cause of the people and the unwanted situation of livelihoods, salaries, and budget of the region, which is mixed with the political situation and relations between the forces, which ultimately the people pay the price. in Baghdad and regional countries, we have clearly said that citizens - throughout Iraq - are equal in duties and rights under the constitution, but unfortunately under the influence of the political crisis, this is not the case now,".

In the meeting, the Secretary-General of the KIU highlighted the situation of the occupation war in Gaza and the struggle and restraint of the oppressed Palestinian people, said in this regard that on October 7, a victory was achieved to reshape the occupying Zionist regime as an occupying regime, which showed the whole world what an oppressive and murderous regime it is.

At the end of the meeting, the Secretary-General thanked the journalists of the KIU, who have not hesitated to take into account the concerns of the people, and have worked faithfully with the reformist message of the KIU and continued their struggle.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting lasted more than two hours and more than 120 journalists and media workers were present and the Secretary General answered the questions of the participants.