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Concluding Statement of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Leadership Council

Concluding Statement of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Leadership Council

The Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) held its regular meeting on Saturday, February 25, 2023, in the presence of Salahuddin Mohammed Bahauddin, Secretary General and chaired by Dr. Hadi Ali, Chairman of the Leadership Council.

The meeting focused on the political situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq and the expected developments, especially the internal political crisis between the two sides of the Kurdistan Regional Government and its undesirable effects on political and social stability and further weakening of the region's position.

He also discussed the situation of relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad and considered it necessary for the Kurdistan Regional Government officials to resolve the issue of oil, budget and revenue on the basis of the constitution and law.

The meeting stressed the need to seriously prepare for the Kurdistan parliamentary elections as soon as possible and end the decision to extend the parliament by the parties that make up the ninth cabinet, which caused the loss of constitutional legitimacy, The Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) opposed the illegal decision from the beginning and its bloc submitted its resignation to the speaker of parliament as the only opposition bloc.

Stressed the readiness of the KIU for dialogue with the center and parties outside the government, in order to form a broad front to hold elections and necessary changes through this.

On another topic, the meeting expressed its appreciation to the charitable organizations (Rabita, Bakhtawari and Hana) that with the assistance of Speda TV and the KIU Relations Office in Ankara, were able to launch a large and effective campaign to collect necessary aid, The meeting thanked all the people of the Kurdistan Region who came to the campaign with unprecedented enthusiasm.

On the other hand, the leadership meeting discussed the internal situation of the party and thanked all the organs that have carried out important activities in the past few months, especially in the field of protecting identity, family and high values, Suspicious centers and parties that are hostile to the unchangeable characteristics of Kurdish society.

Finally, the meeting hoped that the month of Ramadan this year will be a stage and opportunity for further development of religious phenomenon and adherence to the beautiful morals of faith and Islam and the implementation of the plans and programs of the Council of Scholars.

The leadership council once again emphasized that the Kurdistan Islamic Union will always continue to serve the people and the country, defend the highest interests, support the rights and demands of all sections of Kurdish society and fight the cancer of corruption and injustice in the system of governance of this region.