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Kurdistan Islamic Union puts 7 demands on the anniversary of the Halabja tragedy

Kurdistan Islamic Union puts 7 demands on the anniversary of the Halabja tragedy

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issued on Monday, a statement on the 33rd anniversary of the chemical weapons bombing of Halabja.

The council said in its statement that "at such times and 33 years ago, the city of Halabja was subjected to chemical bombardment by the former regime, which left thousands of victims, including martyrs, wounded and thousands of displaced persons, as well as the destruction of the ancient city."

Stressed that "after 33 years of the disaster, it was supposed to put in place a basic paragraph for the work programs of the first formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government to restore life in this stricken city and rebuild it."

The statement added that "the Kurdistan Islamic Union, on this anniversary, demands the following:

1- Allocating an annual budget by the Kurdistan Regional Government for the reconstruction of Halabja.

2- The governorate council and general managers carry out their duties.

3- Legislating a special law for missing children in the city by the Kurdistan Parliament.

4- The federal government in Baghdad should end the administrative measures to convert Halabja into a governorate.

5- Material and moral compensation for those affected by the federal government.

6- Implementation of the legal rights of political prisoners in Halabja, similar to "Rafha" in southern Iraq.

7- Participation of the federal government in the reconstruction of the governorate’s infrastructure.