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The Statement of the Executive Council of Kurdistan Islamic Union on the occasion of the Twenty-Seventh anniversary of the Declaration of KIU

The Statement of the Executive Council of Kurdistan Islamic Union on the occasion of the Twenty-Seventh anniversary of the Declaration of KIU

In the Name of Allah Most Merciful Most Passionate; “I desire nothing but reform so far as I am able, and with none but Allah is the direction of my affair to a right issue; on Him do I rely and to Him do I turn”

Dear Kurdistan People,

Dear KIU, Brothers and Sisters members

Peace be on you

In these days we are recalling the twenty-seventh anniversary of the announcement of KIU, on this occasion, we present our congratulations to ourselves and all our members, and fans of Kurdistan Islamic Union and all the honest people of Kurdistan , 27 years ago a civilian and moderate party with a different method and mechanism has came down to the field of the struggle and service of land and people of Kurdistan…

hoping from Allah to accept our efforts of the last year, and help us for the next year to fulfil better activities, the last year was full of crisis and hardship, at the level of the world in general and for Iraq and Kurdistan in special, because of the multiple crisis and issues of corona pandemic which unfortunately caused of illness of millions and death of many people, at meantime we have lost many sisters, brothers preachers and swell KIU cadres, Allah forgive them all and enter them to His wide paradise.

During the past year also, in the Kurdistan Region, because of the failure of the governance, no justice, unlimited corruption ,inexistence of a true will for solution of the internal discordance, not achieving the real reform and not confessing of their faults have led to creation of many crisis and catastrophes for our people, for these reasons many opportunities and achievements by different kinds have been lost, till it has reached not providing the salaries of the employers fully on time, that caused poorness unemployment and increasing of many repugnant social phenomena, led to weaken the political status of the Kurdistan Region at the level of Iraq and and the region also, and decreased the credibility of our nation and it’s governance system by the general opinion, internationally.

Dear people In this undesirable situation Kurdistan Islamic Union as a genuine and faithful force to our nation have continued with its’ efforts and struggle to find solutions for the problems and crisis, besides decreasing the peoples’ hardships and presenting works and charity activities for deprived and poor classes through the Islamic charity organisations. From its reform route KIU in this session has taken the opposition stance, which could achieve an active and prominent role through its parliamentary blocks, especially the two blocks in Iraqi and Kurdistan deputy councils, and it has given lots of great sacrifices, as known to all of you that the authorities in Duhok as undesirable reaction has taken back a number of administrative posts from KIU which were part of the election dues in the local governorate council.

In the past year also, within the priorities and decision strategies admitted by this session, even of those great problems, the outcomes of the pandemic and economic crisis, all the KIU organs and in accordance to appropriate plan and program have given great interest to development and enforcement of the interior rows of the party, and achieved specific activities in all fields, which were been a matter of satisfaction and happiness for the leadership and the organisations. Dear courageous people of Kurdistan At the time were all the political parties In Kurdistan and Iraq are preparing for the next election of the deputy Council of Iraq, We are also, with the friendly parties, preparing for an active participation, In order to be able -as an effective and faithful parliamentary force in the deputy council of Iraq- doing our national role in defending and supporting our people of Kurdistan rights and getting the economic deserve with the salaries of the employers..

Once again, on this occasion we reiterate that Kurdistan Islamic Union as an Islamic, genuine Kurdistan party will continue on its moderate and reformist Islamic route for the sake of the service of Kurdish people and society, at meantime KIU supports all the efforts and projects that serve the big bang reforms and solutions of the crisis, the crisis of salaries and budget in special.

That’s demand from the Regional Government to work for agreement with the Iraqi government more evidently and quickly and an end to this crisis, at the same time we reject all plans and projects that cause to weaken the political and constitutional status of Kurdistan Region at the level of Federal Iraq...

At the end, Once again, our congratulations to all the cadres, members and fans of KIU who are the greatest human capital of this land and people, praying to Allah to enter the dead ones to His Heavens and cure the ill persons.

Hopping a high and light future for our people and country.

The Executive Council of Kurdistan Islamic Union