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Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union holds an extraordinary meeting

Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union holds an extraordinary meeting

The leadership council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union held an extraordinary meeting on Saturday in the presence of Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Salahuddin Mohammad Bahaauddin and Said Ali Abbou, Chairman of the leadership Council , for discussing and evaluating the process of the Kurdistan Parliament elections , which took place on 30 of last month.

After the meeting, the leadership council issued a statement on the meeting, stating that the meeting expressed its thanks to the members of the party, the voters and the candidates of the list "towards reform", also discussed the preliminary results announced for the elections and expressed concern about the violations and forgery carried out by the parties of power in Kurdistan which distorted the process and increased the votes of the parties of power away from the standards of democracy and human rights.

The leadership council decided to reject the preliminary results of the elections because of fraud and violations that faced the process.

In another part of the statement came, the Union's leadership council discussed the issue of the decline the Kurdistan Islamic Union votes in an unexpected manner, where it declared explicitly that the leadership of the Kurdistan Islamic Union recognizes this decline in votes and expressed its willingness to assume the responsibilities it faces. To make the necessary changes and to make the necessary plans for review and renewal, to overcome this critical stage and to hold a general meeting as soon as possible.