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Statement of the Kurdistan Islamic Union on the results of the Iraqi elections

Statement of the Kurdistan Islamic Union on the results of the Iraqi elections

The Executive Board of the Kurdistan Islamic Union , on Sunday, held an emergency meeting in Erbil, headed by Secretary-General Salahuddin Mohammed Bahaauddin and the presence of the majority of the members of the Council to discuss the unofficial results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections,

Following the meeting, the Leadership Council issued a final statement stating:

In the beginning, the meeting thanked all the cadres, members and supporters of the Islamic Union and to the masses of Kurdistan and the voters for the Islamists list 175 and the media channels for their vital participation in covering the campaigns for candidates of the list 175 and seeking to make the electoral process generally successful.

Unfortunately, the results of the elections and the efforts of the masses according to a prior plan have been subjected to an electronic coup and the manipulation of the percentage of votes in general and the percentage of the votes of the Kurdistan Islamic Union in particular, the purpose of this is to impede democratic and reform change and perpetuation of failed policies of the parties of power, and make the masses lack of hope of any process of change and reform genuine through fair and democratic elections.

We in the Kurdistan Islamic Union assure everyone that we reject all the election results at the level of the provinces of the region and Kirkuk, and we call for the abolition of elections and repeat the process in the region as soon as possible.

In this regard, we call upon the United Nations and local and international organizations concerned with the electoral process to exert pressure on the Iraqi Electoral Commission and not to remain silent about the fraud and manipulation of the will of the masses and the democratic process.

Once again, we assure the members and supporters of the Kurdistan Islamic Union and the voters of the 175 List that their vote and support for the list 175 is in fact a successful and profitable step. We will do our best in political, legal and civil affairs and in communication with other political forces and parties to thwart fraud and expose the corrupt to the will of the people and the homeland.



Executive board

Of the Kurdistan Islamic Union

Erbil, 13/5/2018