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Election Program of (175) List of the Kurdistan Islamic Union For the election of the Iraqi Parliament 2018

Election Program of (175) List of the Kurdistan Islamic Union For the election of the Iraqi Parliament 2018

Election Program of (175) List Kurdistan Islamic Union For the election of the Iraqi Deputies Council 2018 under the title: ((The Bright Future)) Vision for the future: Desire and will of the people are real warranty to overcome all crisis and obstacles facing the political process, and economic, social projects... This desire and will could only be achieved by the electoral process, which is guarantee for insurance a bright future of our people. Message: to ensure a bright future of our people, Kurdistan islamic union decided to participate in the elections of the Iraqi Deputies Council 2018. Goals: First:good governance and democratic ensure to save the rights and fundamental freedoms for all citizens. Secondly:saving constitutional rights and achievements of the people of kurdistan, and jointly management of kirkuk and areas under the article 140. Third:reorganization relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government, under the permanent constitution of Iraq, and determination for legal mechanisms appropriate for the distribution of power and wealth between them. Forth: ensuring the security of the citizen and safety of the community. Fifth: construction of the national economy across multi-sources, and upbringing balanced community, and productive citizen. Sixth: achieving transparency in the production and imports of oil and gas. Steps access to goals: Causes and methods of the embodiment of these goals are based on a keen and sincerity of the brothers and sisters voters, with a view to install the principles of democracy and good governance on one hand and activating the movement of the development on the other hand., for achieving these goals no doubt that the candidates of the Kurdistan Islamic union working on the application of their program on the following steps: First: good governance and real ,strong democracy and guarantees of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all citizens:

1. Activation of the unilateral role of the legislative ,judicial and executive, institutions, and consolidate the rule of law, and save the legal rights of all citizens, by justice and equality.

2. Establishing democratic approach which is based on political pluralism, and the separation of powers, and exchanging power peacefully, competition to improve the living and provide the best services for the citizens.

3. Respecting and strengthen the principle of transparency and accountability of all sectors of the government works.

4. Activation of the anti-corruption law in all its forms, supporting the independence of the control, and integrity, institutions in order to put an end to the attrition of the revenues of the state and then the distribution of those resources among citizens fairly.

5. Supporting the independence of the courts by emphasis on the principle of the separation of powers.

6. Activate the role of the institutions of civil society, unions and professional unions

. 7. Supporting the independence of the free media, by helping them physically and morally. Secondly: ensuring the security and safety of the people and community:

1. strengthening the spirit of loyalty to the state and humanity for the employees of the security services.

2. Providing jobs for unemployed to address the problem of unemployment, and to cut the way to exploit the difficult situation for some citizens in the acts of terrorism and shaking the security situation.

3. Lifting capacity of defence and security of the country, by using modern technology, in order to enhance security and stability of the state .

4. Changing to mandatory military service, in order to fix the principle of balance and national loyalty. Third: strong international relationships,and sharing regional action on the basis of the common interests and mutual respect :

  1. Strengthen and Increasing political and diplomatic representation abroad, for the sake of getting necessary support for development in Iraq in general, and Kurdistan region in particular.
  2. Developing of diplomatic relations with neighboring countries, based on the common interests, and mutual respect and no intervention in the internal affairs, with respect for the national sovereignty. Forth: construction of the national economy across multi-sources, and upbringing balanced community, and productive citizen in which everyone feels of prosperity and proud living:
  3. 1. Diversification of economic activity, in order to reduce the rely on oil, providing welfare, and decent services for the citizens.
  4. 2. Strengthen systems and working institutions in the field of the rule of law and accountability and transparency, in order to ensure beneficial work, qualitative production and services provided for the citizens, as well as facing of corruption in all its’ kinds.
  5. 3. Expanding the role of the private sector in the national economy, and developing of the work of the institutions which represent them,with maintaining the role of schematic ,executive ,and monitoring by the government in the conduct of the economy.. which works to achieve safe and democratic community gradually.
  6. Adoption of the decentralisation policy in fair distribution of wealth and power, as well as the activate the role of the authority of planning, implementation,monitoring and evaluation between the Region and centre and provinces, away from any kind of disputes and hostility which obstacle the rapid development and progress.
  7. Repairing bank system, and reformulation it,and developing of the staff eligibility,who work in the government and private banks.
  8. Connecting the allocated amounts to the development of the provinces, with the proportion of the population, and disadvantaged, affected and primary needs of the provinces, for a fair and balance distribution of the state income.
  9. Facilitate opportunities for foreign and local investments.
  10. Activation systems and the laws of the consumer protection, competition, in a way that keeps consumer rights from commercial manipulation and greed. Fifth: increasing and improving production of oil and gas, with enhance, and expand the economic resources, for achieving a permanent development:
  11. Increase the amount and capacity of production of oil and gas derivatives, in international manner, so that no less production of four million barrels per day.
  12. Developing of the current fields of oil and gas, with more searches to discover new fields. 3. Increasing the capacity of oil refineries, for securing the needs of the interior requirements, and exporting the surplus.
  13. Issuing the law of the oil and gas in Iraqi parliament, in a way that serve the budget of KRG and the economy of kurdistan.
  14. Establishing of the gas distribution network in the cities, to serve people in their daily lives. Mechanisms and methods for achieving the goals:
  15. Political,parliamentary and diplomatic Struggle.
  16. The application of the constitution.
  17. Pressure by institutions of the civil societies.
  18. Using the effectiveness of the medi
  19. 5. Any other civil and democratic manner (protests,demonstrations, assemblies..etc)