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The Kurdistan Islamic Union strongly condemns the crimes by the Burmese army against Muslims

The Kurdistan Islamic Union strongly condemns the crimes by the Burmese army against Muslims

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Statement of condemnation


Muslims are following with great concern the vicious attacks, grave violations and arbitrary measures by the ruling regime and the security forces in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims of killing, burning, displacement and destruction infront of the international community and the entire world, especially the Islamic world.

We are in the Council of "Dawa" Affairs of the Kurdistan Islamic Union in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. We strongly condemn these abhorrent attacks and arbitrary measures, and we consider it a flagrant violation of international laws and covenants and of the principles of human rights and freedom and dignity, and a serious violation of the sanctity of exposure to peaceful citizens. , And a provocation to the feelings of more than a billion and a half Muslims.

We, as a Kurdish people, sympathize with our brothers in Myanmar and share with them the suffering and pain we have suffered through the bitterness and horror of this kind of aggression against the human right to exist, to live in dignity and security on its land.

We call upon the United Nations Organization, all international organizations, governments, peoples, Islamic organizations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the World Union of Muslim Scholars to stand united and to fulfill their humanitarian and Islamic duty to defend our oppressed brothers in Myanmar.

We also call on the international community to carry out its duties and its responsibilities by taking all means to stop the machine of killing, torture, forced displacement, blatant assaults and serious violations committed by the authorities in Myanmar. We can not but thank and support all the honorable people in the world who have sympathized with the cause of the oppressed Rohingya Muslims and call upon them to do everything in their power to save them so that they can live in peace and security in their homeland and on their land.

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