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Statement of the leadership council meeting of the Kurdistan Islamic Union

Statement of the leadership council meeting of the Kurdistan Islamic Union

Tuesday 11/7/2023 The Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) chaired by Dr. Hadi Ali, Chairman of the Leadership Council and in the presence of Salahuddin Mohammed Bahauddin, Secretary-General and Dr. Mohammed Ahmad, Chairman of the High Supervisory Board, held its regular meeting.

The meeting discussed the general situation in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the region, events and developments, in order to take the necessary position and identify the tasks and responsibilities of the stage, Regarding the cancellation of the decision to extend the Kurdistan Parliament, The leadership council appreciated the position of the KIU bloc that rejected the decision from the beginning and announced their resignation as the first bloc.

The KIU considers it necessary that the ruling parties no longer sacrifice the political and constitutional position of the Kurdistan Region to their own party interests and agree on holding transparent elections as soon as possible to resolve the constitutional gap in the Kurdistan Region.

In this regard, the leadership meeting emphasized its declared position that the KIU is working to form a national framework with the protesting parties in order to participate effectively in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

For this purpose, it has prepared a project and it is in dialogue with protest groups and parties outside the government.

Regarding the Iraqi provincial council elections, especially Kirkuk province and the disputed areas and Article (140), the leadership meeting stressed that the Kurdistan Islamic Union is working to strengthen the Kurdish position and prevent further weakening in these areas.

Regarding the occasional disrespect and insult to the Holy Quran and Islamic holy places in some Western countries under the influence of Islamophobia and in the name of freedom of expression, the leadership meeting condemned and rejected such acts and stressed that Western countries should understand this fact that insulting the sanctities in general and Islam, in particular, does not fall within the scope of freedom of expression and it is important to take the necessary legal measures to prevent the repetition of these wrong acts.

In another topic, the debate and discussion that has been occupying the religious arena of the Kurdistan Region, because some people accuse and insult the religious leaders of the ancients of Islam, the leadership council strongly rejects all such accusations and insults, declaring that the scholars and loyalists of the various directions of the Islamic "Dawa" in Kurdistan should concentrate their work and activities towards raising awareness among individuals in Kurdish society and raising the level of correct and moderate religion, away from all kinds of extremism, nervousness and mutual intolerance.

They should also work seriously to strengthen the defense of Kurdish society against the conspiracies and destructive attempts directed by some foreign and domestic centers to distort the moral and Islamic identity of our people and promote some morals far from the pure nature of humanity.

In the last topic of the meeting, the leadership discussed the internal affairs of the party and thanked all the organs of the party for their constructive activities in the past, also paid tribute to the leader and members of the KIU bloc in the Iraqi parliament who played an active role in defending the rights and financial entitlements of the employees of the Kurdistan Region.

Finally, the leadership meeting once again emphasized that the Kurdistan Islamic Union will as always focus on its reformist strategy to defend and achieve the rights and demands of the Kurdish people.

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