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Secretary-General of the KIU: Coordination of Kurdish Parties is a major need

Secretary-General of the KIU: Coordination of Kurdish Parties is a major need

Salahaddin Mohammed Bahaaddin, Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), received the secretaries and leaders of the five political parties in the Kurdistan Region, including Berun Omar Fatah, Secretary of the National Reform Movement, Jabbar Mirza Rostami, Secretary of the National Green Party, Sheikh Ali, leader of the Kurdistan Peace Movement, Qadir Shuani, secretary of the Progressive Party.

In the meeting, the Secretary-General of the KIU said: We must closely monitor the issue of the Kurdistan parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region and intensify efforts to prevent fraud.

In his speech, Salahaddin Mohammed Bahaaddin stressed the need for coordination between the forces outside the government and explained that we must complete preparations for coordination between the parties outside the government, and called on international organizations and parties to play an important role in monitoring the election process.

For their part, the guest delegation appreciated the role of the Kurdistan Islamic Union in social stability and national political position and emphasized the consensus of their parties on reforming the political situation and governance and protecting the entity from any unwanted developments Unity to improve relations with Baghdad and other countries concerned.

In another topic, the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the region were discussed and Kurdish unity was considered necessary in all areas.