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Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issues a statement on the crisis situation in the region

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union issues a statement on the crisis situation in the region

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahuddin Muhammad Bahauddin, issued, on Tuesday, a statement on the current situation in the Kurdistan region.

In his statement, Secretary-General said, "It is very unfortunate that the situation in the Kurdistan region is getting complicated day by day," explaining that "the wave of angry protests is evidence of the severity of the masses' wounds and difficult living conditions and their reaction to the indifference and failure of the administrative authority, so we expect the worst."

"In these difficult circumstances, we draw the attention of the toiling masses to several points:

1- This wave of angry protests as a result of injustice, unpaid salaries, increasing unemployment, and the indifference of the authority, the ruling powers must acknowledge the accumulated failure in planning and program.

2- The political and cultural elite must remain silent from the people and strive to support the demands of the masses, preserve the safety of the country, preserve the entity of the region, stop settle party accounts, and deal with the situation in a responsible patriotic spirit.

3- Hunger, unemployment, and non-payment of salaries that open the doors to all the non-benign scenarios and anticipate interference. It is the duty of the authority and the political elite to block the path to the chaos and the explosion of patience and endurance among the citizens, and replace devastation and destruction instead of struggle.

4- Civilian demonstrations and all democratic and peaceful measures are not only rights in these difficult situations, but are obligatory. However, attacking and burning governmental and partisan institutions diverts the objectives of the protest and complicates the situation more and more. It will also cause the loyalists to lose their solution lines and open the door for external interference.

5- The bad treatment of some demonstrators will not give the authority and the security forces the right to respond in a military way and shed the blood of hungry demonstrators and those with empty pockets. On the contrary, it is the duty of the security forces to protect the demonstrators and direct them legally and prevent the demonstrators from diverting the demonstrations from their path, whether their actions were deliberate, intentional, or ignorant.

6- It is not permissible to fire bullets at the demonstrators under the pretext of defending the headquarters, and that the value of all the headquarters is not equal to a drop of blood of a citizen.

"We hope that the Kurdistan Regional Government will take the current conditions as an excuse for indifference and come up with a quick solution to the crisis situation," the Secretary-General stressed in the conclusion of his statement.