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Secretary-General of Kurdistan Islamic Union issued a statement on the Corona virus

Secretary-General of Kurdistan Islamic Union issued a statement on the Corona virus

Secretary-General of Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahuddin Muhammad Bahauddin, issued a statement to prevent from corona virus.

In his statement, Secretary-General said that "in compliance with the faith, moral, and patriotic duty, we must comply with prevention programs and not participate in spreading the epidemic."

He made several points, asking everyone to comply with them to limit the spread of the deadly virus:

1- Avoid shaking hands when meeting.

2- Families that include people returning from China, Iran or Italy should do the following:

* Perform the necessary tests for the person and not keep his condition secret to prevent the spread of the virus in the family.

* Family members should be treated with caution and not to be in contact with others.

3- Medical recommendations must be dealt with in a spirit of devotion, because corona infection and spreading it among people is a clear sin and has human rights dimensions as well.

4- Prevention and treatment is a duty, but infection and death are a divine destiny governed by universal laws.

5- Plague, infectious diseases and the emerging coronavirus are insignificant and it is God’s destiny, but we must flee from it to another destiny, which is healing through prevention and treatment as a legitimate assignment.

6- I ask the Physicians and Health Corps of Kurdistan Islamic Union to carry out their duty to raise awareness and provide guidance and assistance to others.

7 - Religious scholars must deal in a scientific and legal way with the epidemic, as well as facilitate the legal view of placing mosques and platforms in the service of people's health.

8- Professional and mass organizations should play effective roles to assist the relevant institutions as a national and religious campaign.

9- The media also plays an important role in spreading awareness and guidance, clarifying ambiguous matters and searching for treatment, away from intimidation and intimidation.

10- Reducing unnecessary gatherings, visits and travel in order to make the campaign a success.

At the end of his statement, Secretary-General of Kurdistan Islamic Union wished to keep the epidemic out of our people, our nation, and all countries of the world and all mankind, and that security and stability would prevail everywhere, and a speedy recovery for all those injured.