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PYD congratulates Secretary-General of Kurdistan Islamic Union

PYD congratulates Secretary-General of Kurdistan Islamic Union

The Joint Presidency of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), we are pleased to extend our warmest congratulations and blessings to the Secretary-General, the leadership council, the supreme body for follow-up and all the cadres of your party, on the occasion of the successful completion of the eighth conference of the Kurdistan Islamic Union.

Where your conference was held at a stage the region in general and Kurdistan in particular witnessing changes and crises in the structure of the international system and in the geopolitical map and a struggle for international and regional powers in light of the people's revolts against the ruling state regimes and the aspirations of the people towards freedom, justice and equality, and we hope that your upcoming decisions and programs will serve the peoples ’issues and to protect the gains in the four parts of Kurdistan and a way to hold the Kurdistan National Congress and solve issues in the entire region.

We also wish success to the leadership and cadres in their new tasks, at a time when we are looking to enhance and develop the bilateral relations between our two parties in a way that serves the cause of our people, peoples issues and our common goals to build an ethical and political society.

PYD's Joint Presidency

Aisha Hasso Shahouz Hassan

Qamishlo 12/30/2019